July 11, 2014

Beauty Favorites

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Happy Friday, darlings.  Today I thought I would share my current beauty and skincare favorites.  These are the products that I use on a daily basis (and, when combined, they emulate what you see in the picture above).  

I first start by mixing Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Face Cream with a SPF (I prefer SkinCeuticals SPF 50... it's feels like velvet and doesn't clog my pores) .  I then put a dime-size amount of Bobbi Brown's CC Cream on my face and top it off with Chanel's Double Perfection Powder using their Blending Brush if I feel like I need a little extra coverage.  Next I use Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Power and their Natural Flush Blush in pastel pink.  For eyeshadow I use Chanel's Large Eyeshadow Brush to apply their Illusion D'Ombre Long-Wear Eyeshadow in Fantasme (I received this color for Christmas and I really love the luminous glow it creates).  I top my eyes off with Chanel's Le Volume Mascara (I am allergic to most mascara's but this one doesn't bother my eyes at all).  For my eyebrows, I like them to appear pretty thick and dark so I love Anastaica's Brow Gel and I pencil in where needed with MAC's Brow Pencil (I use the color "Strut").  Top your look off with a pretty pink pout using Bobbi Brown's Lip Gloss and a spritz of Jo Malone's fresh Nectarine Blossom scent.  And lastly, I always end my night by applying a little retinoid like REN's Anti-Aging Cream.

You may have noticed a lot of Bobbi Brown and Chanel but hey, when I find something that works I stick with it.  That's not to say I'm not open to trying new things... so if you have any suggestions or favorites I would love to hear in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love Jo Malone's Nectarine blossom and honey! It has been my signature scent for the past three years!

  2. So many great products, there're def. some of them which I want to try out :)


  3. awesome!

  4. thanks for sharing these!

  5. Bobbi Brown blush and Jo Malone are my favorites too.


  6. I don't even know where to begin, I want all of these products! Thank you for explaining how you use them :)
    Blonde with a Chanse

  7. Thank you for sharing these beauty finds! Such great products!

  8. My favorite makeup item right now is Laura Mercier's smooth finish foundation powder. I'm convinced it's actually magical because of it's amazing blending abilities.



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